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Company Mission and Vision
Mingioni Construction's mission is build one-of-a-kind homes of superior quality to create memories that last a lifetime.

Mingioni Construction strives to be the #1 trusted builder in Delaware and Chester Counties.  

We endeavor to complete your job on time and on budget.  When you hire Mingioni Construction you can trust that you are being treated as more than a customer. 

Our vision is to run your job smoothly without undue complications and fuss.  Leaving you feeling that you have hired professionals who are highly skilled in their trade so that you can relax and enjoy the end result of a beautifully constructed project. 


Our primary subcontractors have worked with us for many years and add strength to our team. When you have hard working, competent people working together it can make any construction project a success!
  Mingioni Construction Co Inc will endeavor to provide the highest quality building projects to our customers through our core values of honesty, integrity, and technical competence.
Mingioni Construction currently serves Newtown Square, Wayne, Devon, Malvern, West Chester, Media, Downingtown, Conshocken, Chadds Ford, Glen Mills, Berwyn, Kennett Square, Radnor, Springfield, Frazier, Ardmore, Paoli and other cities in the Delaware County PA and Chester County PA area.


Delivering a successful sustainable project requires a commitment. It is important that all parties are at the table from the beginning and work as one cohesive team. We recognize there is a balance between the costs of sustainable construction and the immediate and long-term operational pay backs, and we're prepared to create a cost and benefit analysis that will aid in the sustainable goal-setting process for your project.


Mingioni Construction has a successful track record of completing design-build development projects with an integrated delivery approach. We focus on listening to our customer’s vision and communicating these expectations throughout the design and construction process. We provide feedback on costs and constructability throughout design, encouraging dialogue. Our goal is to offer the project team more flexibility, creating significant opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving.

Among the many benefits of design-build are:

  • Design and construction services under one contract
  • Cost and schedule are controlled by a single entity
  • Typically best method for fast-track projects
  • High quality design delivered economically
  • Subcontractor expertise can be obtained in design process 


Safety is a Primary Concern

Safety is a primary concern for all concerned at Mingioni Construction Company, Inc.  We are licensed and insured for all projects and maintain an excellent safety record. We ensure that each project is conducted with the safety of all employees and subcontractors in mind at all times.


:: To add or not to add....that is the question!
Building a new home from the ground up?  Not sure what extra?s are worth adding or a waste of money?  Consider this?there are some things that are definitely worth doing during the build, than years later where certain additions are very costly to retrofit.   Here are some examples of things to consider:

Radiant Heating:   Yes it is expensive, but whatever the system cost in new construction, it will double (or more) if you do it later.  Radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard heating and is usually more efficient than forced-air heating.  People with allergies also prefer radiant heat because it does not distribute allergens like forced air systems.

Outdoor Outlets:  If you like decorating and entertaining, install extra exterior outlets during the build.  Outlets put in later can cost upward of $250 each.

Central Vacumes:  These built-in systems reduce allergens and also last longer than traditional vacuums.  Adding later on involves running long pipes in less than ideal locations.  No more lugging heavy vacume cleaners up and down the stairs!

 Accessibility:  You never know what the future may bring, so consider being prepared.  Make hallways and doors wide enough for wheeled traffic.  Reinforce bathroom walls that will allow for grab bars later without opening walls and install curbless showers.


So as you are designing your new home, keep these things in mind and also talk to your Architect and Builder about any other additions that may be worth doing now rather than later! 

:: Remodeling Your Home - Family Room - Part 3 of the Series

Family Room is!

What is a family in today's world? Family can be anything under the sun and it is whatever you need it to be for your special circumstances!  But, in the realm of building, a family room means so many things.  It is so individual it is mind boggling!  Let's go through some ideas for how to use and improve your family room area.

1.  A Meeting Area - This is any type of gathering you can imagine.  Join with friends and celebrate a birth or bridal shower, holiday gatherings of any type and size, the big ball game or the finale of your favorite TV show, book clubs and bible studies.  When you think of these gatherings - think comfort and seating.  Lighting and tables.  If you need a bit more elbow room to accommodate your group, think about a bump out addition. 

2.  Crafts - The family room is a great place for crafts.  Adults and children alike love to create.  In this instance, you need organization.  Cubbies and baskets are useful to keep small items organized.  Tables with baskets underneath are a great option for kids! They can pull out what they need and easily place it back under the table when done.  You may need special tables, lighting and wall space to keep your crafts moving along.  Consider the wall space you have and how you could rearrange what you have in order to create the craft space you need.

3.  TV Viewing - The family room is a great place to have your TV station.  Consider sectional seating that can create a "space" for your family to curl up and view their favorite shows.  Above the fireplace has become a really cool place to position your TV.  Or you could go with custom cabinetry and the TV on the wall in between.  Stores like Pottery Barn or others have lots of choices for Media Stations.  You can definitely create different "areas" in your family room divided by furniture, rugs or screens.

4.  Reading Nooks - Are you a bookworm rather than a TV viewer?  Make your family room into a personal library of sorts.  Lots of choices are out there for built in shelving or you can have furniture to stand alone that houses your personal library books.  Consider organizing by genre like a "real" library and maybe have a Lend One/Leave One station for friends and family.  Curling up on the sofa or easy chair with a good book is such an enjoyable thing to do summer or winter!  Consider your seating and lighting to accommodate reading for both adults and kids.  Some comfy kids chairs can make the difference between content or crabby kids.  How about a snack station as well?

5.  Comfort Overall - It's important to keep the family, friends and yourself comfortable.  In the winter, a cozy fireplace can add not only ambience but a much needed heat source.  Consider your options: gas, electric, wood burning, wood stoves, etc.  There are many choices that fit almost any budget.  And along the lines of Spring and Fall - our minds go toward allergens!  How does a home air filtration system sound in order to keep down those pesky allergens that cause us all so much grief?  Here is a link to some recommended models.  It might be worth the investment for your overall comfort.

6.  An extension of the family room can naturally lead to a deck.  Whether large or small a deck can add a lot of value to a home in both dollar sense and as well as usability.  In today's world there are so many composite options out there that are not only maintenance free, but stylish - it is the way to go in decking for this age and beyond.  Save a tree and go composite. 

7.  Looking Up - Your ceiling can add so much interest to your room.  Whether you decide to do vaulted, exposed beam, traditional, or tray it can mean a lot to the overall feel of your room and home.  Keeping in mind the architecture of the home and your personal design style, these options as well as trim moldings such as crown are worth the upgrade.

There are so many ways to make your family room awesome!  These are just a few - feel free to contact us with your own ideas.  We love to hear from our fans!

Have a Wonderful and Happy Spring!

The Mingioni Construction Team

:: Remodeling Your Dining Room - Part 2 in the Series
Making the most of your dining experience.  It is what every high quality diner is looking for when they search for the right location for a special event.  You want more than high quality food - often you are looking for the ambience or "feel" of the space to create the event that you want.

It is not any different in your own home!  Though, admittedly dining has definitely become a more casual affair, there are the times when we want to "amp up" the experience.  A return to dinner parties has also made a showing in recent times.  No one to throw you out after 10 pm when all the servers want to cash out and go home.  A more relaxed and intimate experience.  A way to connect with friends new and old!  Maybe even impress the client or boss. 

When you look at your dining room - are you happy with what you see? Does your room need a makeover or some improvements to create the feel and ambience that you want?  Here are a few ideas and links to sites that can help you in your quest for the perfect dining experience.

1.  How is the flow around your table?  Is the seating area so tight that no one can walk by when you are sitting down? You might want to consider a room extension through using a small addition to the home.  Make the space slightly larger so that the flow around the room is more comfortable.

2.  Look up.  Literally.  What's hanging there?  Is it still your taste? People go through growth in life ... and in decorating.  What you were thrilled with 10 years ago may not be your cup of tea any longer.  Think about a simple upgrade to your lighting.  Here is a link to a local lighting supplier whom we have worked with for many years.  Their supply of amazing fixtures seems endless and their customer service is bar none.

3.  Consider adding some trim detail.  Back in the day, chair rail actually had a function!  It was to protect the walls from the dings of people pushing their chairs up against the wall, but in today's world chair rail, wainscoting, crown mold are amazing use of detail that add character, charm and historic detailing to a room.  Your home may have been built 10 years ago, but you can give it the charm of a 100 year old home - without all the maintenance!

4.  Do you have enough serving area? A bump out addition or bay window could increase the room just ever so slightly so that you could add a serving table.  It makes for a convenient area to place the dishes when not in use on the table. 

5.  Lastly, you might want to think of paint colors or other wall coverings.  Just like in the lighting, your tastes may have changed.  Maybe the inspiring color you chose even 5 years ago has become dated or doesn't reflect your personality any longer.  Here is a link to some color ideas:,,20757100,00.html

In any event, I hope that this has inspired you to continue to make your home reflect YOU!  Mingioni Construction is always willing to help in any way that we can to help you love your home!!

The Mingioni Construction Team


Announcing the grand opening of our custom cabinet and wood working shop, allowing us to give our clients a more personal custom touch when ordering built-ins or cabinets.